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Grow Pack was founded to fix the broken supply chain that supports the burgeoning cannabis industry. Since the early days of the legal cannabis market, growers, manufacturers, and retailers have been forced to buy ancillary goods i.e. packaging through a series of brokers and third parties that raise prices as they desire and deliver shipments when convenient.

Having dealt with this headache personally during his time leading a vertically integrated cannabis business, Grow Pack’s Founder, Mike Lempert, decided enough was enough. Mike began to forge relationships with packaging manufacturers domestically and internationally, established a warehouse to manage inventory and cost by enabling larger one time purchases, and even bought photo quality laminate printers enabling packaging customization even in small quantities.

Yes, our custom designs and manufacturer relationships are critical to our high quality service and low price but the most important factor that allows us to have the lowest cost around is our Warehouse. Prior to any orders we work with you to project your yearly needs. We buy your years supply in bulk, locking in the lowest price available and then each month as you need additional jars or bags we’re able to deliver on time and at that ultra low price. Our inventory warehousing lowers costs and eliminates delays.

The Grow Pack Benefit

Child-resistant packaging from mylar bags to drams and jars

Quick turnaround times ensure you always have what you need

Inventory warehousing means big price breaks without big costs